Quality Assurance

A quality control is the foremost essential thing in developing a great business. The successful products need quality control. The company has implemented an efficient system, necessary for quality control. In-house, our experts follow a quality checking process, wherein, they conduct different tests, such as:

They also check the product for parameters, such as ash content, volatile matter, particle size, moisture content, bulk density, lower heating value (LHV), elemental carbon, hydrogen, sulphur, nitrogen, oxygen, etc.


Our company lies all its efforts in the production of only one product in large quantity:

Application Areas

The biomass briquettes form a great substitute of furnish oil and coal. In comparison to fire wood and coal, briquettes generates lesser ash, zero smoke and sulphur, and moisture. These are widely used in areas, like:

Production Unit

The company's strength lies in its ability of binding together processing skills and experience, as well as the latest technological breakthroughs. The company has its production plant in Narapati Para, Buri Battala, Birahi, Nadia, West Bengal; conveniently located to ship these Briquettes anywhere in India. With the help of high tech compressed machine and saw dust raw material , the personnel are able to achieve the production capacity of 600 tonnes per month. These are packaged in gas for easy handling and storage. The company distributes the product line through an efficient logistic system.

Major Clients

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